Product Question

All-in-One, Plug and Play IDAS™ Digital + Analog Repeater

Built-in power supply: 13.8V in or 110V AC in or 220V AC in
Built-in battery backup & charging capable
Built-in heavy duty A/C EMI filtering
3 RU tall – built-in rack handles
19” standard rack or cabinet mounting
Powder-coated steel chassis N style bulkhead connectors built-in grounding stud
Max air cross flow: 80 CFM for excellent ventilation
DB-25 rear connector interface for external equipment
DC terminal strip for easy BBU connection
3 ethernet connections for IP / remote management / trunking

Digital Features:

  • IDAS Trunking-single or multisite (UC-FR5000 & CFFR5000)
  • Receives analog and digital signals on a single channel
  • NXDN® Digital Air Interface
  • Strongest site search
  • Firmware upgrade over IP
  • Configuration over IP

Frequencies: 136-174, 400-470, 450-512MHz
Output Power: 50W at 50% duty cycle
25W at 100% duty cycle
Channels: 32
Channel Spacing: 6.25 (digital) / 12.5kHz
Height: 3 RU
Versions: Repeater only
Repeater With Duplexer
Repeater With Pre-Selector
Repeater With Duplexer &