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TBS Electronics, Inc. Two-Way Radio Installation & Service

Protect Your Radio Investment with TBS Electronics, Inc.

Your team is always on the move. Whether you’re working in a facility or a vehicle, your communication equipment needs to be installed and maintained so you don’t risk safety or productivity. When it comes to your business, there is no room for error. You need a company that can be trusted to keep up with the latest advances in technology and provide quality service.

TBS Electronics, Inc. has been servicing customers throughout Kansas for over 20 years. We have the experience needed to handle all of your needs – from radio system installation to repair services. Our factory trained staff will work quickly and efficiently so that you don’t lose any productivity while waiting on repairs or installations.

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Systems & Services

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Solutions & Services

TBS Electronics, Inc. Certified Two-Way Radio Service

Get Your Two-Way Radios Repaired By Expert Technicians 

Your two-way radio system is the key to your business. A defective radio can lead to lost productivity and safety issues for your staff. Radios are complex technologies that require maintenance to keep them running at peak performance. The problem is, most businesses that use two-way radios don’t have the expertise or equipment needed to repair these systems.

TBS Electronics, Inc. does, and we’re ready to help you with all of your Motorola radio service needs in Kansas. Whether it’s a simple part replacement, or an entire system overhaul, our technicians will be able to get your radios back up and running quickly and efficiently. We offer emergency services for any urgent issues that may arise during business hours! You can also schedule routine maintenance appointments so we can make sure everything is working properly before it becomes a major issue.

Service and Repairs



Do You Need Your Radios Serviced or Repaired? Follow These Easy Steps!

  1. Call 1-800-530-5550, or fill out the online form below to request a return authorization number. This will allow us to track your equipment upon arrival at our facility. We will mail, email, or fax you a UPS shipping label complete with all necessary address information. Using the online form below and providing as much detail as possible will reduce bench time required to analyze your equipment and save you money.
  2. Pack your radio(s) and any accessories for shipping. Be careful when packing as this equipment can be damaged further in shipment if not packaged adequately. Send all accessories (battery, microphone, etc.) that may be related to the problem with your radio. Include Proof of Purchase for warranty verification if not purchased from TBS Electronics, Inc. We honor all warranties whether you purchase from us or not.
  3. Attach the UPS shipping label to your package, remove the bottom portion and retain for tracking purposes. Give your box to any UPS driver, take it to a UPS shipping center, or leave it with a business that ships or receives UPS packages.

Your package will be delivered to our Topeka facility, free of charge, repaired and returned as quickly as possible. Please complete a service form to check your repair status.

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Systems & Services

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Solutions & Services

TBS Electronics, Inc. Two-Way Radio System Installation

Expert Installation Services for Your Business or Government Agency

You have a two-way radio system that you need installed in your location. There are many reasons why getting this done right is so important. Two-way radios are vital to the safety of employees, customers, and visitors at your locations. They can also help improve productivity for everyone involved in operations by allowing them to communicate instantly with each other throughout the day. But problems with installation or programming could cause malfunctions in your system’s performance, which would be costly and disruptive.

When it comes to installing, programming or upgrading any type of wireless communication equipment, there are several things that should be considered before making a decision on your technical partner. At TBS Electronics, Inc. we take our work seriously when it comes to providing professional installations that meet all applicable industry standards, while still maintaining cost effectiveness for our customers. Our team of expert technicians will work with you throughout the project so that your system requirements are met.

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