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Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radios & Systems from TBS Electronics, Inc.

Wireless Voice Communications for Business

In business the right technology can make all the difference to success. The productivity, safety and efficiency of your employees is critical, but your team can’t perform well if they’re not communicating effectively. We all know that having the right tools for your business is incredibly important, but also challenging.

Businesses in Kansas have been upgrading to Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radios to transform how they work. With systems that provide instant, reliable communications across all industries, Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio systems are leading the way in innovation and helping businesses achieve their goals faster. TBS Electronics, Inc. has everything you need to run your business on one platform—from voice communication solutions for every worker, to applications that help teams collaborate better and improve productivity. You’ll get seamless connectivity with other systems through our open architecture approach so you can focus on what matters most—your customers.

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Systems & Services

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Solutions & Services

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Two-WAY RADIO Systems

Get The Most Out Of Your System With Digital MOTOTRBO Solutions

We all know that the world is getting more connected each day, and it’s important to keep up with new technologies. The days of analog two-way radio systems are long gone. Analog systems have been replaced by digital technology that provides a wide range of benefits for your business.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radio systems offer a full line of industrial systems, including conventional systems for smaller operations that need radio coverage, Motorola IP Site Connect that links repeaters for extending coverage, Motorola Capacity Plus that expands the capacity on a single site to up to 1000 radios, or Motorola MOTOTRBO Capacity Max that expands coverage and capacity up to 250 sites and 3000 radios per site to cover all your locations around the world on one system. With Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Systems you can scale your operations so that your team is safe and productive with industry-leading voice communications.

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Systems & Services

Learn More About Our Two-Way Radio Systems & Services

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Portable & Mobile Radios from TBS Electronics, Inc.

Proven Performance In Tough Environments

As a business owner or manager, the last thing you want to do is invest in outdated technology. Keeping your workforce safe and efficient is your goal, but selecting the right radio system can be challenging. You are looking for a digital radio system that provides excellent coverage, user capacity, and durable radios used by your team daily.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Systems offer a full line of portable radios, mobile vehicle radios, and radio accessories to transform your business operations. With Motorola’s expansive radio portfolio, including the compact SL7000e, rugged and durable XPR7000e, and the new MOTOTRBO Ion with voice and broadband capabilities. Motorola Solutions and TBS Electronics, Inc. have a comprehensive portfolio of radios and accessories for your next system upgrade.

Motorola Two-Way Radio Catalog from TBS Electronics, Inc.

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