Product Question

The Smart Migration to a P25 Digital Radio System

For organizations who run an analog radio system and must migrate to a conventional P25 digital system, Icom provides one of the best solutions. The F1721/D series mobile allows you to program P25 digital and/or FM analog mode per channel. Flash ROM capability means future upgrades and flexible customization, tailored for your system. Moreover, built-in multiple tone signaling capability and an optional voice scrambler satisfy existing analog FM system requirements. Icom’s frequency range coverage and rugged construction ensures a flexible, long life radio for you. Icom is the smart choice for current – and future – public safety communication needs.

General Features

  • Detachable front panel
  • Radio stun / kill
  • Tactical group function
  • Built-in audio compander (analog only)
  • 22W PA built-in
  • Power-on password function

Digital P25 Features

  • Interoperability with other manufacturer’s P25 digital radios in conventional mode
  • Compatible w/ both analog FM & P25 digital mode

Dimensions: 678 ×12532 ×61116 in
Frequencies: 136-174, 400-470, 450-512MHz
Output Power: 50W (VHF); 45W (UHF)
Channels: 256 with 32 zones
Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 25kHz
LCD Display: Dot matrix, switchable 1 line 12 characters or 2 lines 24 characters
Programmable Keys: 5 (simple version) or 7 (10-key version)
Mil Spec: 810 C, D, E
Scan: Normal, priority & dual priority
Versions: Analog only (upgradeable to P25)
P25 ready (D versions)