Product Question

100% Duty Cycle 150W (VHF) and 120W (UHF) IDAS Repeaters

  • SNMP capable
  • Two amps can be mounted side by side—eliminating an additional rack space concerns and also marry up nicely with the dual FR5000 configuration
  • Full remote control and monitoring of over 16 sensors and alarms via SNMP v2C
  • 5 individual internal heat sensors
  • 4 GPIO for customized usage
  • 70 Amp power supply with smart charging external battery technology – modular design load capacity and expandable to140 amp load capacity
  • 15 Amp A/C surge suppression panel with 1750 joules A/C surge suppression – SASD technology
  • E2-IP.PA is a 2 RU unit, with an input of 1-3 Watts and an output of 2 – 120 Watts (UHF) or 2 – 150 Watts (VHF) output.
  • Operates on DC voltage

Frequencies: 136-174, 400-470, 450-512MHz
Output Power: 100/120/150W at 100% duty cycle
Channels: 32
Channel Spacing: 6.25 (digital) / 12.5kHz
LCD Display: 16-digit dot matrix Display
Programmable buttons: 5
Scan: Normal & priority