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To optimize the flow of transmissions, Motorola has developed state-of-the-art trunking technology. Motorola’s Assembled Trunking System (ATS) helps your business to quickly and easily create a fully functioning, integrated two-way radio trunked network. An increasing number of forward-thinking businesses are utilizing the power of trunking for their two-way radio communication.

Cost-effective and efficient, ATS uses LTR and PassPort, two trunking systems that deliver wide calling range, great privacy, and fast channel access to help workers connect without delays — as well as high user and talkgroup capacity to enhance system efficiency.

“One-stop shop” solution
Saves time and expense spent on researching multiple vendors and building a personalized system.

Consolidated system
Creates a fully functional, integrated trunked two-way network.

Talkgroup channels
ATS assigns each talkgroup its own channel, allowing multiple talkgroups simultaneous access while ensuring security.

Component flexibility
Allows selection from some of the industry’s best components to customize coverage and capacity.

Wide coverage area and faster channel access
Lets users connect quickly and work effectively.

Easy migration
Transitions smoothly from conventional to LTR or PassPort systems.

Scalable design
Accomodates system expansion such as increased user and talkgroup capacity.

Versatile trunking options:

  • Broad calling range
  • Rapid channel access
  • Outstanding privacy
  • High user and talkgroup capacity


  • Adds to basic LTR functions
  • Wider coverage area
  • Seamless roaming
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI): Maintains signal
  • Electronic serial number protection: Prevents unauthorized radio cloning
  • Direct frequency assignment: Adds channels and sites over the air without taking radios out of service

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