Product Question

Evolve to Connect:A better way to entend your reach.

Expanding your reach has never been easier than now with EVX-Link. This small and lightweight system offers the latest evolution in digital technology, providing a solution with greater speed, agility and affordability. EVX-Link allows digital DMR radios to connect faster and with multiple coverage areas easily and seamlessly regardless of geography. EVX-Link is also portable and expandable and can be installed virtually in any situation possible. Users also don’t need to replace any infrastructure or employ a repeater. EVX-Link is also more cost-effective than traditional systems using IP connections and works with any DMY digital platform.

  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Private Call
  • PTT ID
  • Call Alert
  • Remote Monitor
  • Text Messaging
  • Emergency calls
  • Up to 32 Linked Coverage Areas
  • Site Search
  • An EVX-5300 or EVX-5400 mobile radio is required for use with each EVX-Link unit

The benefits of EVX-Link are:

  • Build on your existing network- Your existing network can be used since there is no need to replace existing equipment
  • No repeater required- Works with either on-site or repeater-based systems or a mix of both
  • Versatile Coverage- Place EVX-Link anywhere in each desired area
  • Compatible with- all RF bands and any DMR digital platform
  • Simple set up and configuration- all you need is electric power and a Ethernet connection
  • Expandable coverage- Up to 32 sites
  • Affordability- A cost-effective solution over traditional systems using IP connections which works with any DMR digital platform.