Halo Smart Sensor Detection

Protect Your Office or School from potential dangerous situations

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TBS Electronics, Inc. Halo Smart Sensor

Protect your workplace and staff with proactive monitoring

The safety of your employees and customers is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Some risk factors are evident, but others are hidden and may not been noticed until it is too late. From everyday incidents around vaping, smoking, THC and air quality, to emergency events like gunshots or gas leaks, employers need to be notified of any potential issues immediately.

IPVideo’s Halo Smart Sensor is a revolutionary new technology that monitors your workplace or school environment for potential risk factors. With this information, managers, teachers, or owners can take action for a safer and more productive workplace. Contact our team of experts to learn about how Halo can be implemented in your operation today.

Learn More About Halo Smart Sensor Detection Solutions from TBS Electronics, Inc.

Learn More About Halo Smart Sensor Detection Solutions from TBS Electronics, Inc.

Halo Vape, Smoking, and Cannabis Detection

Monitor air quality to detect substances that are not permitted indoors

Over the past number of years, the risks of smoking have become more evident. Businesses, government, and schools have implemented strict policies around smoking in and around their facilities. With the introduction of vaping and the decriminalization in most states for cannabis usage the problem of air quality has only gotten worse. Organizations are looking for a non-intrusive method to monitor the air quality for potential issues. Halo is an all-in-one advanced AI smart sensor technology that can monitor your environment for smoking, vaping, and cannabis usage in real-time. Halo measures indoor air quality and can detect issues which can cause harm to employees, staff, teachers, students, or visitors. Halo alerts management to harmful air quality levels, and if set up with Avigilon video surveillance systems can record and identify people not following the smoking policy.

Halo Chemical & Gas Detection

Prevent Industrial Accidents Before They Happen

Preventing chemical and gas leaks is crucial to the safety of your employees, but it can be difficult to detect and identify the location of these dangerous incidents. When seconds count, having a technology implemented to measure air quality in real time and alert safety teams is invaluable.

Halo Smart Sensor detects chemicals in the air that are harmful or explosive at very low concentrations. Halo uses its innovative smart sensor technology to detect gases such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, and propane. Once indicated Halo will alert safety teams of the issue and location for immediate action. Halo Smart Sensor helps you protect workers against dangerous incidents and respond faster than ever before.

Halo Gunshot Detection

Protect Your Students and Staff Against School and Workplace Violence

Workplace and school violence are in the news daily. From active shooter emergencies at schools to disgruntled workers taking revenge on managers and colleagues in offices, being prepared for such occurrences is a necessity. Having the ability to know where the event is happening and who is the offender is helps first responders to act to prevent further victims and handle the situation.

Halo Smart Sensors use audio analytics and cloud technology to identify gunshots and alert staff within seconds so they can take cover and call 911. Halo helps you keep your employees and students safe from workplace or campus violent incidents with gunshot detection and alerting capabilities. Allowing security staff, police, and management to quickly respond, which can save lives.

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